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We know how difficult it is to recover from a fire incident. But the worst is over. You and your family survived a calamity. What's stronger than this? Do not look at that fire damaged house in despair because it will be restored to the same condition as before. All you have got to do is find the right fire damage company and if you live in Lake Elsinore, then we are just 30 minutes away from your emergency call.

Why Call Fire Damage Restoration Promptly:

Smoke and ash damage is quick. 24 to 48 hours are crucial for fire damage cleaning. As time passes, the soot and smoke smudges get tougher to remove. Here is what you will notice happening to things in your house

  • Things made from plastic melt in fire, but discolor if exposed to ashes only
  • Metal objects stain and rust
  • Fiberglass starts to turn yellow
  • Ignoring soot will give rise to stains that are almost impossible to remove
  • Vinyl or wood flooring become burnt and completely damaged

What is Mold Remediation:

After fire, the conditions are ideal for fungi and molds to grow if the fire has been put out with water. It is important to get your house sanitized after the clean up by mold remediation in which chemicals are used to stop mold growth. Otherwise, it can result in serious health issues especially for people with allergies and respiratory problems. Care should be taken so that mold spores do not spread from one room to another during restoration work. The service is provided by fire damage restoration company as a part of their fire clean up package.

Why Choose Lake Elsinore Fire Damage:

Our fire damage services are particular because our professionals are dedicated to their work. We offer:

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Our onsite response time is 30 minutes
  • IICRC certified
  • EPA lead certified
  • 8 years of experience in restoration field
  • Fire and Mold mitigation specialists
  • Superior workforce at affordable rates

Prevent Damage Progression:

Fire damage is progressive. In order to stop it from worsening, we secure, undamaged objects from smoke ashes and soot. Penetrable residues are vented out from the house and damp objects are dried by the help of air movers and dryers. We send salvageable items for cleanup, repair and storage to a separate facility

Soot Removal: Soot and ashes sticking to ceilings walls and floors are meticulously cleaned by experienced professional. Different type of stains calls for different cleaning approach and who knows this job better than us.

Cleaning of Furniture and Textiles: These items are sent to an offsite cleaning location where they are stored temporarily till the living conditions of your house are restored.

Removal of Smoke Odor: We send our technicians to operate the right machines to remove smoke odor. Different options are available according to the intensity of smell.

Mold Remediation: The house is given a fungus and mold treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria that could cause health hazards.

Renovation: If the fire damage is structural in nature, solid construction of your house must be checked and renovated according to need. Lake Elsinore Fire damage also provides this service to our customer so they don't have to look for other renovation experts.

Lake Elsinore Fire Damage Service will look after your property during the restoration work like its own. Our customer service feedback is rather strong which helps us provide better services every day. If you have any questions regarding our work or fire damage clean up, just call the professionals on (951) 319-2228


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