Water Damage

Water Damage

Until you’ve experienced it yourself, it is hard to imagine the devastating amount of damage that water can cause. It only takes seconds for water to seep into the surfaces and structures of your home. Once there, the moisture will not leave easily on its own.

As a leading water damage cleanup company in Lake Elsinore, CA, we have seen the effects of water damage ourselves. Regardless of the type of extent of the damage, our teams are ready and prepared to clean up and restore your home or business. Some of the types of water damage we handle are:[/span8]

flood damage
plumbing leaks
burst pipes
slab leaks
Residential Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services
With water damage in homes, the main priority is usually to make sure moisture levels get under control quickly so mold damage doesn’t occur. Mold damage can be worse than the actual water damage. When the humidity levels in your home rise because of the wet structures, mold growth can occur on ceilings, walls, mattresses, clothes, and all over the place. A small case of water damage, such as from an appliance failure, could quickly turn into a major problem that requires gutting your home!

To mitigate all of the problems surrounding water damage and save your belongings from damage, we use state of the art equipment. Our primary tool is a truck-mounted water extraction machine. The machine is much more powerful than the portable units most companies typically use. We are able to remove water faster with the machine, and we are able to remove more moisture. Because of how much water is removed, drying time is greatly reduced.

Drying is done with air movers which are carefully set up to create optimal air flow. The air movers will cause moisture in wet structures to evaporate into the air. Next, dehumidifiers capture the vapor in the air so humidity levels are kept under control and no mold growth occurs. We can monitor the entire process remotely thanks to our advanced technology, so there is no need for a technician to come out to your home every day during the drying process.

Commercial Water Damage and Restoration Services
water damage restoration
Commercial businesses require a different approach to water damage and cleanup services. Not only is there specialized equipment and often high voltages to deal with, but there is the fact that every day spent cleaning up is a day your business is not fully functional. We can help businesses come up with solutions which save their property while still getting you operational ASAP.

The most important thing for ensuring that commercial water damage cleanup is done efficiently is establishing good communication. When business owners understand what the cleanup and restoration process entails, they are better able to make decisions which are good for their bottom line. We pride ourselves in delivering great customer support and will walk you through all of the steps and go the extra mile to ensure your business is safe and dry in no time. We are prepared to bring in more technicians for larger jobs and have hundreds of industry-grade air movers in our arsenal to complete drying faster.

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